Monday, 23 May 2011

How to Install RescueTime on Ubuntu 11.04

For anyone else that is interested in using RescueTime with Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal, the following works for me:
  1. Create an account at the RescueTime website
  2. Download the RescueTime Linux Uploader (rescuetime-linux-uploader-99.tar.bz2)
  3. Extract archive and open terminal at the location
  4. Run the following command:
    • python build
  5. This should automatically download a file called setuptools-0.6c11-py2.7.egg.  The next command is the following:
    • sudo python install
  6. However, this will not work (you will get an error "Unknown distribution option: 'entry_points'").  This is because the version of that comes with this version of the uploader does not include a reference to the latest version of setuptools.  Download this version and overwrite your local copy of Run that command again.  Notice that the warning has disappeared.
  7. The other problem is that rescuetime gets installed to /usr/local/bin instead of /usr/bin.  You can fix that problem by making hard links (as suggested by this blog).  Run the following command:
    • sudo ln /usr/local/bin/rescue* /usr/bin/
  8. Now start rescuetime with the following command:
    • rescuetime_linux_uploader
  9. Enter your username and password. Rescue time should now be uploading correctly.
  10. All that's left now is to get it to start automatically on boot.  Search for "startup" in your unity search bar and click "Startup Applications" (or go to System -> Preferences -> Startup Applications if you aren't using Unity)
  11. Click "Add".  Enter "Rescue Time" as the name and "rescuetime_linux_uploader" as the command.
  12. Done


  1. Just add that you need python-gnomeapplet for the option to add rescuetime in the gnome panel.

    Nice tutorial!

  2. I had problems with the app before as it would not upload data correctly. Wanted to check it out after updating to Ubuntu 11.04 with the rescuetime 99 build.

    I followed the tutorial step by step. The app works in the background all right and installed nicely.

    Still not too sure whether it will upload correctly. How long should I wait to see whether it is working?

    Do I really need to install 'python-gnomeapplet' to make it work and if yes than how to configure it properly.



  3. I can confirm that the install running in the background successfully uploads data to my dashboard.

    The only other problem that I have encountered is getting the Firefox plugin installed in Firefox 4.0.

    Have you got any solutions to this?

    Great tutorial by the way. Thanks a million.


  4. Thanks :)
    And no, not sure, haven't tried that plugin yet

  5. Steve -

    I am new to Linux (less than 1 week), and am running Mint 13 on my home and work computers..

    I am alongtime fan and user of Rescue Time but the tutorial is either just over my head or the kids and wife screaming in the background are keepimg me from getting it right. Any chance we could link up on Skype and you could walk me through it? Let me know.

    Thanks, talk soon.


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